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2023 Franklin Regional Seniors

Franklin Regional Hockey Family:

 It's hard to believe we are more than half-way through the season. Hopefully all of our players are enjoying the season -it goes by fast!

We are doing a Super Bowl Football pool fundraiser this year. Each square is a $50 donation. With approximately 69 families in our program, that is about one per family, so blocks will be filled "first come, first served."

Payout will be as follows:
 $300 for the first
$500 at the half
$300 for the third
$1,000 for the final.

Please help and support our organization by participating. All donations can be made in cash to the Team Managers or by Venmo @April-knizner.

When filling out the block please put the last name and the player number (if applicable) and add the pool block number to the Venmo notes.

 As always,  Let’s Go Panthers!

David Lavrich
Franklin Hockey President

January 2, 2023 Franklin Regional Hockey Club Honors Our Seniors!

Congratulations to Seniors

Captain Matthew Knizner, Assistant Captain Luke Lavrich, Assistant  Captain Brett Bowser,  Nolan Shilling, Abigail Manzewitsch, Tim Brickner, Ethan Gray, and RJ Kelly.

Please come out to support our Seniors at Palmer Imagining Arena at 5:00pm on January 2, 2023 when they host Butler Area High School.

Important Information - 

FRHC Alumni Game 

Saturday, December 17, 2022  

7- 8:30 pm (Please arrive by 6:30 pm for team assignments.)  

PALMER IMAGING ARENA (formerly Center Ice) 

Participation in the game is open to any former player or coach who had actively participated in the FRHC organization. 

All players should bring a light and a dark jersey that evening.

The game will be non-checking. 

Cost per player $10.  

*This money will be used to cover ice time costs. 

Interested players please notify Mike McIntyre if you are planning to participate.

  Email -

Cell - 724-968-9177


Mike McIntyre FRHC Coach (Retired)

2022-23 Franklin Regional JR Panthers Registration


Franklin Regional Hockey Family, another year is upon us and hopefully some tremendous hockey to watch. As we begin this season an important update for all to note.

The PIHL will be monitoring games more closely for negative fan participation especially in reference to the referees. A fan that is found to be yelling negative comments towards the referees will be removed from the game. If the refs are not sure of the individual they will look for the coaches to name the offender or the head coach will be removed. Please take note I have not mentioned profanity, this goes without saying. It will be any yelling of negative comments that will result in removal.


To that note we ask:


 All those who attend, please be respectful of the refs and the other team. We at Franklin want to demonstrate what it means to be a tremendous and proud fan of Franklin Hockey for our players and student body. Let us cheer for them positively and powerfully so that others notice.  Most importantly let's be the example for our players in our display of showmanship.


David Lavrich

Franklin Regional Hockey President

The Franklin Regional Hockey Association would like to congratulate the winners of the Bearley Memorial Tournament.

Congratulations to the South Fayette Middle School with a  victory over Franklin Regional Middle School.

Congratulations to the Central Catholic  JV with a victory of Pine Richland JV.

Franklin Region Hockey Associate would like to thank all teams for participating in the Bearley Memorial Tournament.


As many have heard the tragic news, the Franklin Regional community lost a beautiful soul over the weekend.  Damian Bearley, 18 and a 2021 graduate of Franklin Regional School died in a crash early Saturday morning after his car hit a deer.  


Damian grew up playing ice hockey for the Franklin Regional Hockey Club and the Allegheny Badgers. Where his parents also played a significant role in those organizations.  Damian's dad, Brian, as a coach, and his mom, Jackie, as a team mom. And right behind them were Zach, Brianna and Gabby cheering him on along with his grandparents and many other relatives!  


Our community has supported an amazing GoFundMe account to help with his funeral expenses.


Now our kids are asking what they can do.


With your help, we'd like to organize a Stick out for Damian. We are asking anyone with a hockey stick to please sit it on your front porch to honor Damian and his family and friends starting today and running until his 19th birthday on July 17th. And please keep Damian's spirit alive by doing a small act of kindness every day. Opening a door or just smiling at someone can change one person's day. Be that change for Damian. Please forward this to any organization and family that would like to show their support.


Thank you.





Franklin Regional Hockey Club


Dear hockey family,

Damian Bearley was in a tragic car accident and passed away early Saturday morning. Damian was a hockey player for FR and Allegheny Badgers. He just graduated from Franklin RegionalIn June. His dad Brian coached for many years.

We are asking for your support during this difficult time. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.  


 "Hockey is a unique sport in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other and pulling in the same direction to be successful."  
Wayne Gretzky

2016 Pens Cup Champions

BeOne #motivational #hockey | Sport quotes, Hockey girls, Hockey quotes

Rink Locations

2017 Pens Cup Champions

Volunteer Opportunities

Our club is made up of volunteer parents.  No positions in our club require any skill or talent.  Just some time. Your player will love you for it. 

  • Varsity Team Manager:  Zita Yurko,
  • Junior Varsity Manager:  Kristen Gray,
  • Middle School Manager:  Christy Azzarello,

The Franklin Regional Varsity Ice Hockey, Junior Varsity Ice Hockey, Middle School Ice Hockey, and Junior PanthersDevelopmental Ice Hockey teams are the sole teams represented by the Franklin Regional Hockey Club.  No other team(s) or organization(s) are represented by or affiliated with the Franklin Regional Hockey Club.

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Thank you, Penguins!

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