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PIHL Team Sites

Head Coach:  Chuck Stayrook

Assistant Coach:  Marty Hernandez

Assistant Coach:  Kevin Trickett

Team Manager:  Kristen Gray

Middle School Roster

Season 2018-2019
8 Luke Anderchak
37 Brett Bowser
9 Timmy Brickner
11 Roman Cicco
49 Kyle Forbes
24 Derek German
41 Ethan Gray
59 R.J Kelly
34 Alex Klotchkov
27 Matthew Knizner
26 Robbie Kubera
81 Luke Lavrich
55 Maxwell Rutkowski
48 Nolan Savinda
35 Gwenyth Shilling
36 Nolan Shilling
23 Reid Tiskus
2 Sean Yu
88 Jacob Yurinko
91 Gary Zhang

Recent Middle School News

Sportsengine and website

By Joy L 05/23/2019, 9:00pm EDT

This past season, we switched platforms to Sportsengine.   It recently came to my attention, that not everyone may know  its  full capability.    If you have the phone app for Sportsengine, you  will get   notification to accept  your team  assignment,  and  you can  access  all of  your  own team  information (similar to  a  Teamsnap).  You will also receive emails and  information from your  Team Manager through this .

However,  we also have a website  through  Sportsengine  at  By  going  to  the  website,  you  can  access  all  FRHC  information  including information  for  all of  our  teams, Varsity, JV and Middle school, as well as board information,  FRHC  history ,  photos,  news  updates,  Jr Panthers info, etc.  

If  you  are  new  to  our  club  welcome!